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“When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.” Erasmus

The quote above really holds all the meaning of this web site. If you find yourself laughing and agreeing with Erasmus, then this is where you belong. It’s where the musty smell of old books is a good thing, and an old friend. It’s where people go who don’t go anywhere without a book.

A note about the title of this site: When I was younger, a friend told me that the greatest sign of a real reader is a bookshelf full of books with bent bindings. It meant that the person actually read the books on the shelf, didn’t just put them up there to make it look like he read them.

Of course, there’s a touch of irony to the title, too. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am very careful with the books I own (and lend out), and that I really don’t like to bend the bindings of a book. If you ever see me reading a paperback, you’ll see that I barely hold it open so as to avoid bending the bindings.

But, even though my anal retentive nature doesn’t let me bend the bindings, my nature as a reader recognizes that a bent binding (and what it stands for) is a fantastic thing.

Who Should Read this Site

There are a couple of questions that you should ask yourself if you’re still unsure of whether or not you should keep reading this site. If you have ever done any of the following then my guess is that you should stay and read some more.

  • Created a playlist on your MP3 player specifically for when you read.
  • Untucked a shirt or opened a jacket in order to protect a book from the rain.
  • Known when you were in a used book store or a new book store with your eyes closed.
  • Helped a person find a book in a book store, even though you didn’t work there.
  • Opened a new book and just smelled it.
  • Lost a friend because they dog-eared a page.
  • Made food ordering decisions based on what you could eat with one hand (since the other one had to hold your book open).
  • Taken clothes out of luggage so you could fit a third or fourth book in.
  • Had close friends refuse to help you move because they know how many boxes of books you have.

A Bit About Me

I am Michael Lundin. I make my home in Corvallis, Oregon (home of the OSU Beavers), with my wife, Tina and 9 year-old daughter Amanda. I’m currently working as a software developer, where I use my English degree from OSU in amazing and different ways.


My Family


As I reader, my tastes run on the eclectic side. I grew up with science fiction, so there will be quite a bit of that, but I’ve also been schooled in the classics and enjoy a really good Nobel Peace Prize winner every once in a while, too. I enjoy autobiographies, with a strong stress on the “auto.” Even though I know most of them are written by ghost writers nowadays, it’s always interesting to find out how interesting people want the world to see them.


Any comments or questions about the site? Have a book that you’d like me to review? Please feel free to drop me a note at:


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